Our goal is to make 3D visualization and analysis approachable to domain-scientists so they can focus on the research questions at hand.

A Domain Agnostic Visualization and Analysis Toolkit

PyVista is used across science and engineering disciplines. A diverse community use PyVista to visualize data/models in 3D, generate publication-quality illustrations, automate analysis workflows, and build custom applications leveraging PyVista's 3D capabilities.

New to programming? Welcome! Many of PyVista's users are novice programmers and we've designed PyVista to be intuitive and ready for beginners to get started making compelling visualizations of spatial data.


At its core, PyVista is a pure Python library - However, its dependencies, namely the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) is in C++. By wrapping the VTK library's Python bindings into the PyVista suite, we have created a streamlined and intuitive toolset for 3D Visualization and mesh analysis/processing. Since PyVista is purely Python and VTK has wheels deployed for most major platforms and Python versions, PyVista can be used across platforms - it is being used across UNIX and Windows platforms everyday!